6.55 min SD video creative documentary

This video project is an experimental documentary about a housing development district in Podgorica, the capital city of Montenegro. The district was built in the 1980s through the program of social housing. It’s a place with extremely strong visual and social significance.

    In this project I’m dealing with a theme of places and non-places, influenced by Marc Augé’s theories. Augé defines non-places as zones of transition such as shopping malls and airports. He also defines non-places as structures in modern cities that have no identity or history where there is no possibility for people to relate with each other.

    The video is divided in two parts, each one clearly opposed to the other. The first represents, in motion graphics, the virtual world of the internet, which is by definition a non-place. In the second part the housing development district is represented through accelerated footages, shot with an SD PAL camera. The two parts are connected by the story of two people: a woman from Podgorica chatting online with a man whose whereabouts are not known. Intrigued by the woman, the man embarks on a virtual journey through the district ‘Blok VI’ of Podgorica. On his delirious trip/journey he experiences the nature of a non-place; the neighborhood he’s visiting doesn’t have a long history nor does it have the capacity to implement identity or a space where it is possible to develop social relationships.

    In conclusion, the district “blok VI” doesn’t suggest any peculiarity of Montenegrin culture, even though it’s physically part of it. This critic extends towards modern life, and towards architecture as a discipline that reflects our society.

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