2 Channel Video Installation

IN/FLUX Gallery – Baltimore

October 2011

     Aliemplation is a hybrid word composed by the two irreconcilable terms of Alienation and Contemplation. Conceived specifically for an art exhibition held at IN/FLUX Gallery in Baltimore on October 2011 titled “INDEX”, this piece aims to address exclusionary processes indwelled in indexing, i.e. a normalization of the categories involved in a discourse, as a rational and systematic strategy that produces inevitably “otherness”.

     Two white surfaces, used as screens for as much projections, one made by a solid plate and the other by an ethereal, semi-transparent fabric, organize the space hierarchically according to an orthogonal structure. This binary elementary opposition is the building frame of a more complex juxtaposition of conceptual and sensorial relations as interior/exterior, front/back, positive/negative, material/abstract and also of cultural conventions as feminine/masculine, active/passive, introspective/extrospective, seeing/seen, organized in an alternate way with the purpose of making the two visual elements of the projections at the same time homologous and complementary but unmatchable. The tension emerging from this controversial relationship between two irreducible images is iterated by the sound. Two unmatchable soundtracks are diffused by two different sets of speakers, one sounding as a soft, charming, repetitive, vocoder produced sound and the other sounding as a crackling, sparkling, indefinite, alien noise.

     All those qualities merge with the environmental settings, aiming to stimulate the perception of a characterized place. For example the soft fabric with the projected figure of a female back head aimes to work as a curtain disposed on the wide window overlooking a beautiful alley, where the building hosting the exhibition presented a very rare feature: a unique back side cast iron façade. That way a dialogue with the exterior of the Gallery is activated and part of the city is allowed ideally to enter the insular and exclusive space of the art exhibition.

     In conclusion this 2 Channel Video Installation, other than being a site specific piece, i.e. a piece able to establish physical, cultural or parodist relationship with its settings, represents also an exploration of themes such as exclusion, absence, choice, inner and outer reality.

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